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Laser Processing Solutions for EV Motor Manufacturing

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One way electric vehicle motors differ from traditional vehicle motors is the use of hairpin conductors which require new manufacturing steps to produce. Laser ablation and laser welding enables electric motor manufacturers to both strip the insulation coating from the hairpin ends and to rapidly create precise welded joints with low resistance from the exposed copper.

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Laser Welding & Ablation Solutions for EV Hairpin Applications



High-Speed, Automated Hairpin Welding


Laser welding creates low-resistance, high-strength joints faster than other welding methods and is easily automated and programmed for different part geometries with no tooling changes or adjustments.


Precise, Repeatable Hairpin Insulation Removal


Lasers are fine-tuned to the hairpin application to ensure the rapid removal of thin insulation layers with no damage to the underlying copper. Unlike other ablation methods, laser hairpin stripping is a non-contact process that eliminates quality variation concerns caused by abrasive or chemical degradation.

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Discover Your E-Mobility Laser Welding Solution

IPG partners with E-Mobility manufacturers throughout the entire production process from research and development to full-scale manufacturing.

Whether you want to demonstrate feasibility with laser-processed parts or just want to bounce ideas off an experienced laser application engineer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Fiber Laser Processing Technologies

IPG offers the most advanced fiber laser technologies, laser sources, and laser systems to optimize your EV motor processing applications. Whether you need a laser tuned to your requirements or a custom production line with tooling and process recipes, IPG provides the most productive laser solutions for your E-Mobility applications.

Fiber Laser Sources
for Welding

  • Dual-Beam Lasers Eliminate Spatter

  • Minimized Heat Input

  • Enables High-Speed Welding

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Real-Time Laser Weld Measurement

  • In-Process Laser Weld Quality Assurance
  • Direct Weld Measurement
  • 100% QA With No Added Cycle Time

Learn More About LDD Weld Measurement

Fiber Laser Sources for Material Removal

  • High-Throughput Material Removal
  • Non-Contact, Non-Degrading Process
  • Range of Pulses & Beam Profiles

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Integrated Laser
 Welding Systems (ILWS)

  • Easily Integrated Laser Welding Systems
  • Includes Process Development
  • High-Speed, Automated Laser Welding

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Battery Laser Welding
R & D Workstation

Precision Process Development Workstation

Work Envelope: 500 x 300 x 300 mm

Typical Applications:

  • Prismatic Module Busbar Welding
  • Cylindrical Module Busbar Welding
  • Control Box / PDU Contact Welding

Learn More About the R & D Workstation

Laser Welding

Flexible 2D & 3D Automated Welding

Work Envelope: 1000 X 1500 mm

Typical Applications:

  • Prismatic & Pouch Module Welding
  • Control Module / PDU Contact Weld
  • Integrated Pack & Case Welding

Learn More About the Welding LaserCell