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LaserCube – Small Parts Made Easy

Compact Flatbed Laser Processing Systems

Designed for cutting or drilling small parts where precision processing is key, LaserCube motion systems are optimized to cut small features and rapid contours at high speeds. Unlike other laser cutting machines, LaserCube systems easily process reflective metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.


An optional vision alignment system detects and corrects dimensional or positioning errors of pre-processed punched or printed sheets ensuring good parts every time regardless of the incoming stock. LaserCube systems equipped with vision registration provide laser-punch combo capabilities at a fraction of the price.


With industry leading wall-plug efficiency, integrated IPG fiber lasers make LaserCube operation reliable and highly cost-effective. A wide range of available lasers allow customers to perfectly match the laser to the specific application for the most economical investment.

IPG LaserCube - compact flatbed laser cutting machine



The LaserCube is designed for precision cutting of metal parts. System options include a vision alignment module for cutting pre-processed or punched sheets, an automated sheet loader, as well as a rotary stage option for tube and profile cutting.

  • Work Area: 1225 × 1225 mm
  • Laser Power: Up to 6000 W
  • Footprint: 2185 × 2604 mm
  • >40% laser wall-plug efficiency lowers operational costs

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LaserCube Drill - Flatbed Laser Driller

LaserCube Driller


LaserCube Driller is a very high-speed metal drilling system for filter plates up to 1 m square/diameter and up to 2 mm thick. Compared to e-beam drilling, LaserCube Driller has lower costs of installation and maintenance costs and is easier to use.

  • Work Area: 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Hole sizes: Typically 80 to 300 µm
  • Drill Rate: Up to 300 holes/sec
  • Footprint: 3022 x 3875 mm


LaserCube Resource Kit

Small Parts Made Easy

Learn more about how the LaserCube can quickly and easily increase productivity and lower the cost per part in your facility.

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