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Turnkey Laser Processing Systems

Programmable Welding Systems for Easy Robotic or Manufacturing Line Integration

The IPG Smart Welding Systems are preconfigured equipment packages that combine the laser, chiller, process head and programmable controller in turnkey packages that are simple to integrate with automated production lines or in 6-axis robot welding cells. Configurable with a wide range of IPG fiber laser types, these systems take care of the laser welding process, leaving the integrator or customer free to concentrate on part handling or line automation.



Integrated Laser Welding System


The ILWS combines a best-in-class fiber laser with a high power scanning head, vision system and powerful automation control software to provide high-speed, high-precision 2D remote welding of metal parts. The laser processing head easily interfaces with six-axis robot or gantry motion systems. With optional Vision Alignment to measure and correct for part placement errors, the ILWS solves many welding problems typically associated with low-precision parts such as poor fixtures and jigs and thermally induced positional drift.

  • Laser Power: Up to 12,000 W

  • Working Field Size : 110 x 110 mm or 250 x 250 mm
  • Working Distance: 254 mm or 400 mm
  • Options: Vision Alignment and LDD Weld Monitoring

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Laser Seam Stepper


The Laser Seam Stepper is available in two configurations: C-Gun and Picker. The C-Gun integrates a programmable clamping unit within the weld head. The Picker is designed for welding large parts when access is only possible from one side. The Laser Seam Stepper provides a programmable wobble weld up to 40 mm in length.

Both Laser Seam Stepper systems include a controller cart - a single cabinet comprising the digital electronics and HMI display, the laser source and integrated chiller.

  • Laser Power: 1000 to 3500 W
  • Max Weld Length: 40 mm
  • G-Gun Max Clamping Force: 0.8 kN - 3 kN
  • Picker Max Clamping Force: 0.3 - 1 kN

Tube and Pipe Welder

Tube and Pipe Welding System


Designed for integration in a tube or profile mill, the TPS-6000 provides high-speed, high-quality pipe seam joining at significantly lower operating cost than traditional laser techniques.

Each TPS-6000 laser system includes a controller cart (single cabinet containing the digital electronics and HMI display), laser source and integrated chiller.

  • Pipe Wall Thickness Range: 0.7–4.0 mm
  • X-Y-Z Axis Range: 300 × 100 × 750 mm
  • Laser Power: Up to 12 000 W
  • System Size (W × D × H): 950 × 1450 × 2050 mm (excludes laser and chiller)