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Applications Labs and Process Support

IPG applications labs are located worldwide to provide customers the opportunity to investigate the benefits that fiber laser processing bring to their product development and manufacturing lines. These labs are equipped with the latest fiber laser technology, motion systems and beam delivery components that are required to demonstrate a variety of applications. The breadth and number of variables, including material type, processing task and desired outcome, require sample testing to verify that the correct decisions on equipment selection and process variables have been made. Our highly trained application engineers are proficient in a broad range of applications and assist customers in choosing the right process and equipment.

Lasers and Beam Delivery

Because IPG is the designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, our applications labs have access to a unique number and variety of laser sources. IPG is also the manufacturer of laser process heads that are designed to provide optimum results when used with high power fiber lasers. Confirming the right head and the right optics for the job is part of the evaluation task. Lasers and some process heads such as the Wobble Welding head have programmable functionality that greatly expands their flexibility. 

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Motion Systems and Part Processing

IPG applications labs include a wide range of motion system types to closely replicate the environment in which the customer will use the equipment.

  • 6-axis robots from most of the major manufacturers
  • Variety of workstations with capabilities ranging from simple ball-screw stages to high-precision air-bearing motion systems
  • Testing with specific process gases or cover gases by request
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Quality Assessment

IPG materials testing labs strive to meet industry best practices at assessing the quality of the laser process we produce.


Microscopy and Measurements

Microscopy and measurements provides position, distance and size type data derived from both manual and automated measurement tools. DXF part definition files can be entered, and reports of actual vs. design dimensions produced. Calibrated image analysis tools can operate on high-resolution optical images to produce measurements of micro dimensions such as taper angle. Scanning Electron Microscopy provides high-resolution imaging when required.

Surface Chemistry and Elemental Composition

Surface chemistry and elemental composition can be assessed through Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) techniques on small and large parts respectively. This is a particularly valuable capability when developing processes for laser cleaning or ablation applications.

Tensile Testing

Tensile testing is a destructive industry-standard measurement of part strength by application of a calibrated force until part failure – indispensable in assessing some types of weld.

Surface Analysis

Surface analysis both optical and non-optical measurement of surface roughness (Ra) and optical quantification of grain size. Hardness can be measured by Rockwell, Vickers, and Brinell techniques.

Sample Preparation

Cutting edge automated sample preparation that includes sectioning, mounting, grinding, polishing and etching in accordance with ASTM standards. Frequently used in the assessing the cross sectional profile of welds (weld dimension at surface, at metal interface, and penetration depth) and assessment of porosity in additive processing techniques.

Expertise and Methodology

The greatest resources in the IPG applications labs are the Laser Applications Specialists. With a breadth of experience across many different industries, the applications teams balance technology-leading Ph.D.'s in materials science, metallurgy and physics with seasoned industrial professionals who know first-hand what it takes to meet production targets and deadlines. These experts, who can each tap into the accumulated knowledge from all IPG Applications Labs worldwide, are here to provide you the best and most complete answers to your laser processing questions.


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