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Ultrafast Lasers

Ultra-Compact • Ultra-Precise • Ultra-Reliable 

Exceptional Performance in the Picosecond and Femtosecond Range

Ultrafast lasers have become increasingly popular over the years in many areas of scientific research, medical technology and materials microprocessing. Today's growing industrial applications require Ultrafast lasers that are robust and well-suited for all standard processing methods such as cutting, drilling, ablating, and structuring for a wide range of materials. Unlike other lasers on the market, Ultrafast lasers from IPG are compact, low cost, truly industrial, and easy to integrate. 

Revolutionary Ultrafast Lasers from the World Leader in Fiber Laser Technology

  • Compact size minimizes space requirements and allows for easy integration
  • Industrial design offers outstanding performance, reliability and long-term power stability
  • Available in femtosecond or short picosecond (1-3 ps) pulse duration
  • Up to 200W average power and high-repetition rate for maximum throughput processing

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Unrivaled Industrial-Grade Design For Better Performance 

  • Fiber delivery cord eliminates the need for free-space optics or hollow-core fiber for beam delivery
  • Broad Repetition Rate Range from 10 kHz to 5.5 MHz
  • High beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability ensure high-reliability for the most demanding applications
  • Highly robust for 24/7 operation in a manufacturing environment
  • High-repetition rate and burst mode feature enable faster microprocessing
  • Cold and warm start in seconds for reduced downtime

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The Widest Range of Products Across All Wavelengths, Power Levels & Pulse Durations

  • Laser source options offer a broad range of output powers, pulse energies, repetition rates and wavelengths to best match applications
  • Various wavelengths from UV to Mid-IR for optimized material processing
  • Picosecond pulsed lasers range from 1 to 5 ps
    • Short picosecond (1-3 ps) pulse duration for improved ablation speed and quality
  • Femtosecond pulsed lasers range from 200 to 750 fs
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Robust Lasers for the Most Demanding Industrial, Medical & Scientific Applications

  • High-quality, highly precise micromachining
    • Metals
    • Ceramic
    • Semiconductors
    • Brittle and transparent materials such as glass 
  • Sapphire LED wafer scribing
  • Surface microstructruing and texturing
  • Polymer film cutting
  • Battery and thin metal foil cutting
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • High-Contrast Marking

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The IPG Difference

  • Compact in size to better integrate into various manufacturing platforms and motion systems
  • The widest range of products across all wavelengths, power levels and pulse durations.
  • Enhanced reliability due to improved laser architectures making difficult-to-maintain ultrashort pulse laser systems a thing of the past
  • Vertically integrated, reducing cost barriers to ownership
  • Insensitive to misalignment, contamination and environmental changes in temperature, humidity and vibration


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Ultrafast Lasers and Microprocessing Questions 

While IPG has provided tens of thousands material processing solutions around the world, we understand that every job is unique in its own way. We also know that before investing in a solution, it only makes sense to ensure that a laser source or system can meet your application and organizational needs.

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