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Process Heads

IPG manufactures a complete set of laser processing heads and optical beam delivery components to support the capabilities of our industry-leading fiber laser technology. Products include state-of-the-art welding heads, cutting heads and scanning-based processing systems. Additionally, IPG manufactures delivery fiber and optics, beam couplers, switches and sharers, that are seamlessly integrated into our laser processing systems.


Laser Welding Process Heads for Applications up to 100 kW

The FLW line of processing heads offers multiple features all packaged in a lightweight form including:

  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Real-time contamination monitoring
  • Camera options
  • Fine focus adjustment
  • Wide ranges of collimator and focus lens options for optimum spot size selection

IPG welding heads are available with a broad range of accessories including air-knife, gas assist/plume suppression, coaxial nozzle, and a variety of add-on modules for advanced welding applications. 

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Laser Welding Wobble Modules Improve Weld Quality and Finish

IPG Wobble and Seam Tracking welding head adaptor integrates two technologies into one compact module. The unit allows for simultaneous laser beam wobbling and welding seam tracking.

Wobbling the laser beam improves weld quality as well as finish, and the seam tracker enables automatic adjustment of the welding head's lateral position when the seam location varies. IPG welding heads with wobble functionality deliver unmatched weld quality, even on highly reflective materials. Ideal for bridging gaps without filler material, IPG wobble heads provide stunning visual finish and weld consistency throughout the seam.

 Download Wobble Welding Head Brochure

Real-Time Weld Monitoring Provides Immediate Quality Assurance Testing

IPG provides real-time weld measurement monitoring solutions used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace and medical devices.

Using Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) technology, the LDD-700 provides up to five different geometric measurements, including weld penetration depth. Real-time closed loop feedback to the processing system allows immediate quality assurance testing and disposition of the part.

 Download LDD-700 Datasheet

Laser Cutting Process Heads for Precise Cuts Each and Every Time

IPG’s range of cutting heads not only provide precise cutting results, but they also maintain the precision cut quality over both time and laser power. They are available in multiple configurations, from high power units rated up to 10 kW (the IPGCut-D30) through to the IPGCut Micro Cutting Head, designed for micromachining applications requiring the smallest spot size and high-resolution focus adjustment.

Each head can be equipped with a broad range of optical lens and cutting nozzle options for process optimization. The cutting heads include a protective coverside with monitoring for the presence of contamination, together with manual or motorized focus lens setting options.

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Laser Scanning Heads for Remote Welding, Cutting and Surface Cleaning

IPG scanners are characterized by having the highest laser power handling in their class. With designs that optimize the beam quality and spot size of the IPG lasers, the scanners deliver maximum machining capabilities for the user.

Scanners are configurable with a wide range of collimator and focus lens options (that determine spot sizes and working distances) allowing your IPG laser system to be perfectly matched to the application. Having both through-lens and off-axis vision options available on the scanner enables easy accommodation of imaging requirements of the systems in which they are used.

For laser welding applications, the 2D High-power Scanner can be paired with the LDD real-time laser weld measurement system for the ultimate weld quality process control

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