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Laser Weld Measurement for

E-Mobility Applications



When incoming material has consistent surface quality, cleanliness, and tight tolerances for fitting parts, laser welding is a highly stable and repeatable process, able to produce the same high quality results in millions of automated welds in 24/7 operations. If the part's material properties vary unexpectedly or the part is positioned incorrectly the result may be a faulty weld. The implications range from loss of investment in produced parts to shipping unacceptable products that damage vendor reputability. As a result, more and more E-Mobility manufacturers are incorporating real-time weld measurement systems into their production processes.

IPG patented Laser Depth Dynamics (LDD) real-time weld measurement measures the weld site before, during, and after the laser welding step, and provides data on key weld joint characteristics.  Compared to alternate measurement technologies, LDD greatly reduces false positive and false negative results, minimizing the likelihood of shipping bad product and eliminating the cost of unnecessarily scrapping good parts. Because the measurements occur at the same time that the weld is being performed, there is no additional cycle time incurred in generating quality assurance data on 100% of welding operations.

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Real-Time Laser Weld Measurement

100% In-Process Weld Inspection Ensures High-Quality Joints

Weld Depth

Direct weld depth measurement ensures under- or over-penetration does not compromise joint strength or electrical performance.

Seam Position

Scans ahead of the weld to confirm part alignment to target weld path and automatically re-aligns weld with seam center if necessary.

Transverse Profile

Measures the weld seam's bead width and shape to detect overfill, underfill, or edge uncercut that can indicate a weak finished joint.

Finished Surface

Measures finished weld surface to detect and warn of any defects in that may indicate reduced structural integrity or increased electrical resistance.

Weld Verification – The IPG Difference

LDD is the Most Robust Weld Measurement Solution

Unlike most weld monitoring techniques that simply monitor the weld plume, a weak weld quality indicator, LDD performs direct weld penetration measurements and 3D imaging.

Compared to Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) products from other suppliers, LDD technology provides several key benefits that include:

  • Full penetration weld depth measurement & quality assurance
  • 3D imaging of keyhole and live 3D viewing for robot teaching
  • Keyhole alignment in any direction — not limited to along or across the beam which compromises depth accuracy
  • Compatible with on the fly welding without requiring time-consuming pre-scan

LDD Enables Immediate In-Place Rework

A Single Reworked Weld Can Save The Entire Part


LDD is Compatible with All IPG Products

LDD-700 offers seamless 100% welding QA without increasing cycle time when paired with IPG welding solutions:

  • Laser Sources
  • Fixed/Wobble Welding Heads
  • Scanning Welding Heads
  • Integrated Laser Welding Systems
  • Turnkey E-Mobility Systems

Discover Your E-Mobility Weld Measurement Solution

IPG partners with E-Mobility manufacturers throughout the entire production process from research and development to full-scale manufacturing.


Whether you want to demonstrate feasibility with laser-processed parts or just want to bounce design and implementation ideas off an experienced laser application engineer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Even better, visit one of our 32 regional Application Development Labs to learn how IPG can optimize your E-Mobility welding applications.


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