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Real-Time Weld Monitoring System

Utilizing real-time inline coherent imaging the IPG Real-Time Weld Monitoring System consolidates weld results into concise and actionable quality data from a single system. Pre-weld monitoring modes of the system include tracking of the seam position, checking the working distance to the material, and looking for gaps, bad fixturing or bad fit-up before processing begins.  In-weld real-time monitoring at the bottom of the keyhole records the penetration and fusion depth of the weld for loss of or over-penetration and process instability.

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Weld monitoring with the LDD-700 enables manufacturers to reduce scrap and facilitates early detection of defective sub-assemblies by providing more complete and accurate records for safety-critical applications than was previously possible. By allowing QA procedures to be streamlined, manufactures can respond immediately to quality issues saving time and lowering costs.

  • 20+ Seam Metrics
  • Lateral Weld Profiles
  • Weld Penetration Depth
  • Process Stability
  • Joint Position
  • Surface Quality and More


Key Measurements

The system produces a low-power measurement beam through the same optics that deliver the welding laser to rapidly conduct measurements across multiple locations on the part. By measuring the metal geometry and its dynamics in real-time, LDD-700 gives users direct, calibrated access to the metrics of quality that matter to them. Key measurements include:

Keyhole Depth measures inside the vapour channel during the weld to determine actual weld penetration depth in real time

Workpiece height measures the distance between the material surface and the welding optics

Seam Profile measures ahead of the process to look for joint position relative to the optics and gap on the workpiece

Transverse Profile measures the finished weld bead's width and shape

Finished Weld Surface measures the weld crown just behind the melt pool to capture the height of the finished weld bead


Patented, Proven and Highly Productive

Inventor Dr. Paul Webster and his company Laser Depth Dynamics filed and was granted a patent in 2014 titled “Methods And Systems For Coherent Imaging and Feedback Control For Modification of Materials” – additional United States patents followed in each of 2016-2020, and a European Patent Office grant also occurred in 2020.

LDD-700 patented and proven laser monitoring technology combined with IPG laser sources and beam delivery create highly productive laser welding systems that ensure each weld meets exact manufacturing specifications.

Inline coherent imaging provides real-time dynamic beam alignment enabling measurement flexibility of the keyhole to account for deviation in process direction and variation plus environmental variability. Manufacturers are assured that every part produced meets their stringent quality standards and the expectations of their customers.

Laser Depth Dynamics Patented Inline Weld Monitoring


Laser Weld Monitoring for Industry 4.0 Webinar 

In this on-demand webinar, learn how inline weld monitoring can help you reduce scrap and identify defects earlier, saving you time and lowering operating costs!

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