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Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers

Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) lasers offer the broadest range of beam profile tunability for superior welding quality at high speeds for applications including e-mobility and automotive. AMB virtually eliminates welding spatter which drastically reduces the time and expense of rework, maximizing uptime and overall quality. AMB lasers are available up to 25 kW of total average power to handle the most demanding applications.

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Dual Beam Technology Offers Unprecedented Tunability at the Highest Power with the Highest Efficiency

AMB fiber lasers provide independent and dynamic control of the size and intensity of the core and ring beams, enabling high-quality, high-speed, uniform welding. Any combination of a small-spot high intensity bright core and a larger ring-shaped beam can be configured to optimize material processing applications. The core, for example, can be used independently during cutting while the addition of the ring beam provides significant benefits for welding.

Keyhole Stabilization Virtually Eliminates Spatter Benefiting E-mobility and Automotive Manufacturers for High-speed Welding

Normal laser welding continuously lases material until it is vaporized and exits the keyhole quickly, which produces spatter that becomes fused to the surface and contaminates the welding area. AMB laser welding creates a larger and more stable keyhole allowing material vapor to escape more easily. The stabilization of the weld pool virtually eliminates spatter, maximizes uptime and significantly reduces rework of welded parts.

AMB Benefits Welding in Automotive Applications Providing Spatter-free Welds with Improved Weld Aesthetics and Formability

AMB has proven to be 50% faster than industry standard welding speeds while preserving quality and consistency.

Eliminating spatter dramatically reduces the amount of rework needed for finished parts as well as ensuring that the welding area is free from contamination that can both make incoming parts unusable and destroy sensors that literally shut down assembly lines. AMB customers have reported that the elimination of welding spatter has led to a massive increase in their uptime and throughput.