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Heinzen Customer Showcase


About Heinzen

Heinzen Manufacturing, located in Gilroy, CA, is a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment. For over 40 years, the company's 100+ employees have been producing high-quality, custom conveyance, washing and drying systems. Over half of all fresh produce sold in markets today has been processed by Heinzen equipment.

Their Challenge

In the food processing industry, surfaces need to be smooth and non-porous so they are easy to clean during use and less apt to trap bacteria. Their sheet metal welder was experiencing consistent burn-through and warping when TIG welding thin, 22-gauge sheet metal, which is absolutely unacceptable due to the contamination risk.

Their Solution

Heinzen realized the benefits of LightWELD almost immediately. With LightWELD, the welding burn-through they experienced with TIG was gone and parts exhibited "zero warpage." The processing time for welding 22-gauge stainless steel was cut in half. LIghtWELD saved them time and money without jeopardizing quality. 

"Get It! It's Worth It! It's Been Great!" 

When asked what he would someone who is considering purchasing LightWELD, Louis Petersen, Quality Supervisor at Heinzen said "Get it! It's worth it! It's been great!"
He went on to say that he was so happy with the results on the thinner metals, he is going to evaluate how LightWELD can increase productivity in other areas of production. The versatility, speed, ease of use, all add up to make LightWELD a valuable, flexible and productive asset to any shop floor.
"LightWELD has helped us out on a few projects. It's very efficient."
LightWELD handheld laser welding and cleaning systems produce high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses.
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"Time is Money!"


Heinzen was seeking to speed up the cycle times of their smaller sheet metal jobs so they purchased LightWELD. "Efficiency is everything to us. Time is money. The quicker we can get things done, the better," said Petersen.


Customer service was another compelling reason to buy LightWELD. They appreciated the fact that if a question or issue arose during the day, an answer would be quick to come, either via phone or email. ”Again, efficiency and customer service – it means a lot to us.” 


LightWELD systems are designed with efficiency in mind. They are easy to learn and operate, and are highly productive.

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LightWELD 4X Faster Than TIG 


LightWELD Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning Systems are 4X faster than TIG welding. LightWELD is much easier to learn and operate, enables dramatically faster welding and provides higher-quality, consistent results across a wider range of materials and thicknesses than with minimal distortion, deformation, undercut or burn-through.


The low heat input and extensive material and thickness capabilities increase productivity, repeatability, and improve weld quality for operators of all skill levels. Plus, LightWELD XC and LightWELD XR offer built-in pre- and post-weld cleaning.