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Handheld Laser Systems

Compact Processing Solutions for Massive Productivity

Designed for applications that are traditionally the domain of manually operated tools, or for low-quantity high-mix manufacturing where programming of automated tools is inappropriate. Handheld Laser Systems deliver the unmatched processing benefits of a laser tool combined with the flexibility of a human operator.


IPG Handheld Laser Systems are built on the same industry-leading laser technologies that combine a zero-maintenance laser source with a robust and convenient fiber delivery system. This advanced technology allows the reliable delivery of these capabilities in compact product form factors that are ruggedized for general workshop operation at a low cost that makes laser processing viable for all industries.


As handheld devices, operator safety is a primary consideration. IPG has designed and built these products to incorporate multiple protection features to promote safe operation. High-power laser systems are classified as Class IV devices and routine precautions are required for the safe operation of the equipment.


LightWELD 1500 Handheld Laser Welding System

LightWELD 1500


LightWeld enables dramatically faster welding, is easier to learn and operate, and provides higher-quality, consistent results across a wider range of materials and thicknesses than MIG or TIG without distortion, undercut or burn-through. The heat affected zone is dramatically minimized, as is the need for traditional post-processing grinding or polishing for increased productivity, less scrap and lower cost-per-part.

  • Laser Power: Up to 1500 W
  • Wobble Length: Up to 5 mm
  • High Speed, High Quality, Easy to Use

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