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DLS Series Diode Laser Systems

Heating and Drying Diode Laser Solutions

Solid-state laser heating systems replacing less efficient infrared bulbs and environmentally unfriendly gas fired furnaces.

Exceptionally Efficient

  • Industry leading energy efficiencies over 55%
  • Compact footprint up to 4x smaller than gas furnaces
  • Simple Water Cooling
  • Low Carbon Footprint


  • Drying: Li-ion Battery Slurry, Paint, Powder Coating
  • Annealing/Curing: Industrial Coatings
  • Semiconductor: Wafer Heating


DLS-ECO Diode Laser Systems 

  • Extremely high power conversion efficiency & exceptionally low impact on the ambient factory environment
  • Low Cost-of-Ownership and high Return-on-Investment
  • Exclusive IPG diodes ensure long life and lasting power
  • Minimal maintenance for maximum uptime and productivity

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DLS-U-ECO Ultra Compact Diode Laser Systems 

  • All the benefits of DLS-ECO with a compact footprint
  • Energy efficient, no idle time
  • Built from specially selected, premium quality components
  • ECO series lasers require smaller chillers that further contribute to energy savings

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Green Lasers for a Green Planet

DLS-ECO series lasers offer improved efficiency and productivity, enabling manufacturers to increase their profitability while being more environmentally sustainable.


Over 120 countries, including the U.S., have set a target date of 2050 for reaching carbon neutrality. Stricter government regulations to decrease carbon emissions, as well as rising energy costs, are pushing manufacturers to replace outdated or inefficient equipment.