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DLS-ECO Series Datasheet

The DLS-ECO and DLS-U-ECO Series announces the arrival of solid-state heating to replace less efficient infrared bulbs and environmentally unfriendly gas fired furnaces. Extremely high power conversion efficiency along with exceptionally low impact on the ambient factory environment make the Cost-of-Ownership and Return-on-Investment of a diode furnace compelling.

Exceptionally Efficient

  • Industry leading energy efficiencies over 55%
  • Compact footprint up to 4x smaller than gas furnaces
  • Simple Water Cooling
  • Low Carbon Footprint


  • Drying: Li-ion Battery Slurry, Paint, Powder Coating
  • Annealing/Curing: Industrial Coatings
  • Semiconductor: Wafer Heating

Download the datasheet to view specifications and integration options.

Download Datasheet