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How The Shim Shack Transformed Its Shop with LaserCube Flatbed Laser Cutting System


About The Shim Shack

The Shim Shack is a family-owned and operated sheet metal fabrication shop in Harrison, OH. Founded in 1974 by the Stock brothers in a two-car garage, the shop has grown to 160+ employees. The Shim Shack serves a wide range of customers, including NASA, Tesla and Boston Dynamics.

The Challenge

The Shim Shack specializes in manufacturing small parts made of thin gauge foils. They specialize in online sales, where users can customize parts using a configurator. Using traditional cutting processes, these simple cutting projects took weeks to complete and lead to hefty inventory costs.

The Solution

LaserCube Flatbed Laser Cutting System is powered by IPG fiber lasers, which can process reflective metals and foils as thin as 0.001" with ease. This compact laser cutting machine can cut hundreds of small parts in less than an hour. The Shim Shack was able to transform their turnaround from a few weeks to 1-2 days.

Online Part Customization Process

The Shim Shack's website allows visitors to custom design shims. Users begin with basic designs and modify based on their project's specifications. These designs are automatically fed to the sales team, who then transform them into a design file for LaserCube to cut. 

Turnaround for most requests is only 1-2 days, which exceeds customers' expectations and allows The Shim Shack to increase its capacity.

Transform Your Current Process with Laser Technology

Traditionally, The Shim Shack had to store a lot of parts on the shelf. Carrying a lot of inventory increased overhead costs and took up valuable floor space. To combat this challenge, this shop adopted laser cutting technology. The team is reworking their process for LaserCube's 4x4 work area. Now with LaserCube, parts can be processed and shipped off to customers within a day or so. 

Grow Your Shop's Capabilities

After experiencing great success with LaserCube Flatbed Laser Cutting System, The Shim Shack introduced IPG laser marking technology to their shop floor. This technology gives the team the opportunity to increase the shop's capabilities and create products that they have not created in the shop's 40+ years in business. The Shim Shack plans to further build out their website's customization tool to allow visitors to design their own laser marked pieces.