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IPG Customer Showcase: Pridgeon and Clay


About Pridgeon & Clay

Pridgeon & Clay was founded in 1948 and is the #1 Manufacturer of exhaust Flanges in North America. They provide engineering, design, A2LA-accredited testing, and manufacturing services to their customers. Pridgeon & Clay serve a variety of different industries including Automotive, heavy trucks, agriculture, battery, and alternative energy

The Challenge

Customers demand continual cost reductions and increased part performance. In the past, manual welding of Exhaust Flanges would take upwards of 30 minutes to produce. Their traditional manual welding processes were slow, costly, and could cause mechanical distortion to their exhaust products. Pridgeon and Clay had to find a way to increase the productivity of their welding operations.

The Solution

Thanks to the introduction of Automated Laser Welding, Pridgeon & Clay has increased the welding productivity of Exhaust Flanges by 4x its original speed. The speed and precision of IPG’s laser and beam delivery systems have also allowed them to reduce the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) of the part. Over the last eight years, they have seen exponential growth in client and production in part because of their use of IPG products. In addition, to meet guidelines set in the automotive industry Pigeon and Clay utilize IPG’s high power scanner for Laser Marking which adds a visible and traceable code to each part they produce.