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Integrated Laser Welding System Datasheet

The ILWS combines a best-in-class fiber laser with a high power scanning head, vision system and powerful automation control software to provide high-speed, high-precision 2D remote welding of metal parts. The laser processing head easily interfaces with six-axis robot or gantry motion systems. With optional Vision Alignment to measure and correct for part placement errors, the ILWS solves many welding problems typically associated with low-precision parts such as poor fixtures and jigs and thermally induced positional drift.

  • Laser Power: Up to 12,000 W
  • Working Field Size : 110 x 110 mm or 250 x 250 mm
  • Working Distance: 254 mm or 400 mm
  • Options: Vision Alignment and LDD Weld Monitoring

Learn more about this product’s features and access technical specifications by downloading this datasheet.

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