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Increased manufacturing efficiency in battery joining technology for high volume production in e-mobility

With Michael Grupp of IPG Photonics

Tuesday, February 7th, 12:00 CET


Featured at the Exhibition:

Adjustible Mode Beam Lasers

Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) lasers offer the broadest range of beam profile tunability for superior welding quality at high speeds for applications including e-mobility and automotive. AMB virtually eliminates welding spatter which drastically reduces the time and expense of rework, maximizing uptime and overall quality.

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High Power Scanners for Remote Applications

The excellent beam mode quality of fiber lasers makes them an ideal fit for applications requiring low beam divergence and high brightness, such as high speed remote welding and cutting. IPG has broadened its beam delivery product line with a high-power remote scannign system. With variable spot size/depth of focus, the scanner can also be used for surface treatment applications such as cladding, heat treatment, marking, paint removal, and ablation. 

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European Automotive Laser Applications Conference 2023

February 7 - 8 2023

Bad Nauheim, Germany


EALA 2023, Automotive Circle’s focus conference on all laser-based processes in automotive production, again gathers its community and network of international expert engineers on February 7-8, 2023, to explore latest technical advances and new application possibilities of lasers in all conceivable automotive production processes.

Progress in various electromobility-related laser beam welding applications, with their special demands on precision, speed and mixed-material-weldability – be it in the battery case, battery modules, power electronics, e-motor or fuel cells – constitute one, but not the only, specific focus of the conference program.

Other conference highlights address novel and improved developments concerning beam modulation and beam shaping, the use of artificial intelligence in weld quality control, laser-based process/geometry control, and many more – with altogether 23 technical presentations."