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What You Need to Know About Top-Performing Li-Ion Battery Cells for EVs

When talking about EV vehicles it is indispensable to talk about li-ion battery and more specifically, about the cells that compose them, as high quality battery cells are not only a key component of battery modules and packs, but are able to provide better conductivity and efficiency, resulting in better EV performance.

Battery cells used in EV manufacturing come in three typical formats: cylindrical, prismatic and pouch. Li-ion cell batteries, regardless of their format, are composed by a cover, a case, a positive terminal, a negative tab, a cathode (positive plate), an anode (negative plate) and a separator.

Fiber laser makes the whole li-ion battery cell manufacturing process easier and better, as it provides ready solutions for all common battery cell applications, from foil cutting and drying to welding all the different components of the battery.

Here we present how fiber laser solutions deliver better results in the manufacture of li-ion batteries. These include high-power pulsed lasers and diode laser arrays for electrode processing, and adjustable mode beam (AMB) lasers for low porosity metal welding.

Li-Ion Battery Cells Fiber Laser Solutions

1. Cutting: Better Quality at Higher Speeds

Cutting is required for all li-ion battery cells formats, as laser foils are a core component. Laser foils can be made of aluminum of copper and are coated with materials such as ceramic, graphite, NCM, LFP, etc. Regardless of the material composition of the foils, fiber lasers can cut the foils using different processes: notching, cross-cutting, trimming and slitting.

The biggest advantage of fiber lasers, and more specifically IPG’s single mode pulsed cutting lasers, is that these lasers have higher power, which not only makes the cutting process faster, but gives better quality and finish to the foils.

Additionally, fiber laser meets other requirements that are usually needed when cutting foils, namely process reliability and repeatability, which translates into a higher yield.

2. Drying: Save Energy, Time and Money

Conventional (gas burning) drying of coated copper & aluminum foils used as electrodes is the most energy and cost-intensive process step in electrode manufacturing.

In contrast, IPG's diode laser drying solution not only reduces drying times and foil defects, but provides reduced energy consumption through > 50% efficiency. One additional advantage is that the drying equipment is much smaller and thanks to IPG's long-lived diode, cost of ownership is reduced as well.

Thanks to its high efficiency, diode laser drying is the best return on investment for battery foils manufacturing.

3. Welding: Real-Time Measurement 

Whether the battery cells format is cylindrical, prismatic or pouch, all cells require multiple welds, mainly lap welds (over 70% of the weld total), butt/edge welds and multi-foil welds. Regardless of the cell format or weld type, IPG’s fiber lasers provide the answer to the main welding requirements for battery cell manufacturing, such as hermetic joints, constant penetration depth, high welding seam and controlled heat input.

Through the use of IPG’s AMB lasers and LDD-700 system, it is also possible to obtain a spatter-free weld and have real-time measurement, and rework, of weld defects caused by material parts inconsistency.


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