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Robotic Laser Workstations

Automated Robotic Laser Workstations for Maximum Flexibility and Productivity

Robotic Laser Workstations are configured for processing smaller-sized 3D parts where the articulated capabilities of a six-axis robot are the most cost-effective choice of motion system. Robotic Workstations are integrated with IPG high power fiber lasers offering the highest wall plug efficiencies, best warranties and zero maintenance enabling the lowest operating costs and highest tool availability.


Robotic Laser Workstations are highly configurable and typically use a six-axis robot to manipulate the laser processing head. Additional coordinated part motion or part loading options such as indexing tables are available.


Ablation LaserCell

Ablation LaserCell


The Ablation LaserCell is a Class 1 workstation that provides cleaning, coating removal and surface roughness modification for manufacturing, refurbishment and repair applications. Fully automated with a pre-loaded library of standard processes, it eliminates the need for cleaning media and dramatically reduces the amount of solid waste compared to traditional techniques.

This workstation offers automated and optimized laser ablation as a means to efficiently clean and prepare part surfaces within the aerospace, energy generation and automotive markets. 

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remote scanning workcell

Remote Scanning Workstation


This Remote Scanning Workstation integrates a high power fiber laser, 2D scanning head and robot motion system into a fully-automated, highly flexible laser workstation for high-speed processing of thin metal sheets and foils. Perfect for remote welding, foil cutting and laser cleaning applications.

  • Work Envelope: 1150 × 920 × 920 mm
  • Laser Power: Up to 2000 W
  • Lasers: CW, QCW and Pulsed
  • LDD Real-time Weld Monitor Option

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custom robotic systems from Genesis

Robotic Systems


Both customized and pre-engineered robotic laser systems are available through Genesis Systems, an IPG Photonics Company.

Genesis specializes in factory automation with robots for integrated robotic arc and spot welding in addition to laser welding and cutting. For over 35 years, Genesis has designed, engineered, manufactured as well as supported integrated robotic solutions for general industry, transportation and aviation applications.

The mission of Genesis is to help customers win the productivity race utilizing virtual reality immersive simulation, heat distortion analysis, variation simulation analysis and robotic system simulation to ensure these techniques improve part quality, increase throughput and maximize human productivity.

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