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Micromachining Product Family

Laser Micromachining Workstations for Microelectronics and Medical Device Manufacturing

IPG industrial micromachining workstations provide high-resolution, precise machining of metal and polymer parts. These laser systems are ideal for manufacturing microelectronic components as well as packaging, sensors, and medical devices.

Each system has a granite base and bridge structure for vibration isolation and temperature stability. This combined with optimized laser beam formation and delivery with X-Y-Z rotary motion systems allows for precise feature placement. Because many applications involve laser machining of parts that have been pre-processed in some way, the micromachining workstations incorporate sophisticated vision systems for alignment and correction of part dimensional characteristics to ensure tight positional specification control under all circumstances.

IX-255 UV laser ablation and micromachining laser system



The IX-255 is a versatile UV laser ablation and micromachining laser system for R&D and small scale production applications. This workstation is ideal for cutting or drilling glass and ceramics, trimming microelectronic components, and laser lift off from sapphire and glass carrier substrates.

  • X-Y Work Area: 150 × 150 mm
  • Laser Power: Lasers up to 1000 W

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micromachining laser system



The IX-280-C system is designed for microelectronic and specialized semiconductor packaging applications involving drilling and cutting or scribing of ceramics and other commonly used electronic packaging materials.

The same drilling and cutting capabilities are available in the IX-280 Multi-Beam, a similar platform that can be configured with two different laser types, allowing successive but different machining functions to be performed in the same system, eliminating a part-handling and alignment process. 

  • X-Y Work Area: 300 × 330 mm × 100 mm
  • Laser Power: Up to 1000 W

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micromachining laser system

IX-280 Multi-Beam


The IX-280 Multi-Beam is designed for R&D and advanced processing environments where machining versatility and precision are key. Supporting up to two laser types, each with an independent beam delivery and processing head in a single Class 1 workstation, the IX-280 Multi-Beam includes part handling stages, vision systems and control electronics.

  • XYZ Work Volume: 300 × 300 × 100 mm
  • Laser Power: Up to 1000 W

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probe card drilling laser system

IX-6100 PCD


The IX-6100 PCD is a precision workstation for high-speed drilling of ceramic probe card guide plates.

Serving an industry where high hole count parts are proliferating, the IX-6100 PCD is engineered to deliver feature size control and placement accuracy at industry-leading throughput of less than 1 second per hole for 250 μm silicon nitride.

Having an optional cassette-compatible autoloader, the IX-6100 provides fully automated unattended operation.

  • X-Y Work Area: 200 mm diameter
  • Theta Axis Travel: ±175 degrees
  • Laser Power: Up to 1000 W

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