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Battery Welding LaserCell

High-Speed Laser Welding with Part Size, Part Loading and Automation Flexibility

The Battery Welding LaserCell is a Class 1 fiber laser processing platform that can be configured with a broad range of welding capabilities and part handling options to suit a wide variety of applications.  Featuring a 6-axis robot, the system can bring a laser processing head to a stationary part, or move heavy and complex parts beneath a static laser processing  head.  With the laser process and part path programming provided by IPG, the equipment configuration can be optimized to suit cycle time, number of part designs, and overall processing flexibility requirements of the user.

Versatility in laser and head selection for optimum part welding

Whether the application requires high-speed scanning for many small welds such as busbars or hairpins, or high power continuous welding usually associated with module enclosure sealing, the LaserCell platform has it covered.

  • Choice of continuous wave (CW), quasi-continuous wave (QCW) or pulsed lasers
  • IPG Proprietary single-mode AMB lasers for high-speed, low spatter copper and aluminum welding
  • Choice of scanning head, fixed beam or wobble head options for optimum weld performance
  • Laser process development, part path programming and tooling design services available from IPG
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“With handling options covering my entire range of parts the LaserCell has a standard user interface that minimizes training and makes it easy to transfer staff between production lines”

Turnkey modular design for easy installation and re-siting

  • Class-1 laser safe enclosure allows installation in any industrial workplace
  • All components except laser source and chiller are internally mounted within a fork truck moveable structure for ease of installation and location flexibility
  • Simple facilities hookup requiring only power, process gas and compressed air
  • Part-handling options for easy interfacing with up and downstream processing
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Single or Dual Robot / Head Configurations

For complex welding situations, dual robot configurations are available:


Large part with large or extended welded area, large part with many small welding sites processed simultaneously, parts requiring different laser processing.

  • Single laser source may service two robots sequentially
  • Dual laser configurations support parallel welding of parts
  • Separate laser sources and heads can cover different laser operations on the same part
  • Robot motions synchronized to avoid collisions while minimizing part cycle time
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Nine Part Loading Options for Production Flexibility

  • Four Part-to-Process Options
    • Table and drawer loading for manual operations
    • Conveyer and turntable options for higher throughput
    • Accommodates single or multiple load pallets
    • Single or two axis positioners for large, heavy or complex shaped parts. 
    • Head and tail stock for shafts and long cylindars
    • Conveyor and turntable options for single-side welding and high volume production


User Interface with IPG Core System Software

  • Fully integrated system control and job processing software.
  • Dynamic screen size layout and intuitive workflow for simple operator-level usability
  • Main system tools included as part of base user interface
  • Authentication, user logins and hierarchical system management utilities
  • User Interface specific to the industrial environment
  • Built using .NET Core and JavaScript for flexibility and longevity
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