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LightWELD XC Laser Removal of Rust and Paint


Why is it important to prep surfaces before welding?

A key element of a high quality weld is a clean surface. The surface to be welded must be free of any contaminants prior to welding because when impurities are introduced, the welded joint is weakened. Rust, paint, and grease are commonly found contaminants which are quickly and easily removed with LightWELD XC. Optimized preset cleaning modes makes this system fast, effective, and easy to learn to operate. No chemicals or abrasives needed.

A single solution for laser cleaning and welding

Watch the five-minute video above and see how impressive LightWELD XC is in action, easily removing rust and paint from a pipe-on-flange assembly. LightWELD XC cleans a flat surface easily, but watch how quickly and effortlessly it cleans the cylindrical shape and the compound turn of this rusty, old pipe. With presets cleaning modes, which are already programmed into the machine, this system can do the same for you, right out of the box. LightWELD XC handheld laser welding and cleaning system is easy to learn, simple and fast to set up, and provides consistent high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

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Ready to buy? LightWELD XC is available direct from IPG and major gas and welding supply distributors. For more information visit the LightWELD XC product page.