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IPG Customer Showcase: Advanced Battery Concepts


The Company

Advanced Battery Concepts was founded in 2009 with the belief that the world needs better batteries. Over the past 10 years, it has expanded from the founder's garage in Clare, MI to having 6 global manufacturers in countries such as China, India, and Bulgaria. 

The Challenge

Making lead batteries better is possible, but Advanced Battery Concepts required a solution to manufacture its patented bipolar batteries at scale. Welding batteries is a time consuming process that requires several steps, each welding different geometries and materials.

The Solution

Advanced Battery Concepts' GreenSeal™ Technology, is a suite of technologies required to manufacture bipolar batteries. IPG Multi-Axis Standard's laser welding technology has allowed their team to process many different battery formats and create a higher quality finished product.

Transform Your Current Process with Laser Technology

Multi-Axis Standard's 19.7 × 11.8 × 11.8 inch work envelope gives the team ample room for each stage of the welding process, with little setup between tasks. IPG laser welding technology can be used for fine welding tasks, such as joining the SAE terminal post to the busbar. The large work envelope also allows for the team to place the entire battery inside the system when it is time to weld the busbar to the battery's terminal brackets.

Improved Weld Quality = Better Batteries

Welding bipolar batteries requires several steps, so the versatility of the Multi-Axis Standard is invaluable when it comes to welding different battery formats. From individual components to placing the entire battery into the laser system, the majority of manufacturing can be completed with a single machine. Their system is equipped with a 4 kW YLS laser and D30 welding head, which creates a robust weld thanks to deep weld penetration. Stronger welds with clean finishes adds to the quality of the battery, while the system's versatility helps save the team time.

Utilize Laser Technology for Weld Preparation

Advanced Battery Concepts introduced a 30 W integrated laser marking system for treating foil surfaces before welding. When a shipment of foil is received, it often contains contaminants that can cause a barrier to create a chemical reaction between the positive and negative acted material and the foil surface. Advanced Battery Concepts collaborated with IPG application labs to develop this surface treatment process.