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Fiber Laser Days 2023

October 17 - 19 2023

ul. WyczóÅ‚kowskiego 8 44-109 Gliwice, Poland

Join us for our annual Fiber Laser Days event at the IPG Photonics Poland location. We will feature daily demonstrations of Muli-Axis Systems, Laser Seam Stepper, and LightWELD Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning System.

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LightWELD Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning System

LightWELD Unbeatable Benefits:

  • FAST: Up to 4X faster than TIG
  • VERSATILE: Wide range of materials
  • EASY: Optimized presets reduce learning curve
  • CONSISTENT: High-quality, repeatable results
  • FLEXIBLE: Simple and challenging applications
  • PRODUCTIVE: Pre- and post-weld cleaning capability

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Superior Precision Welding at a Lower Cost

Powered by IPG’s zero-maintenance lasers, Laser Seam Steppers provide consistent weld seam quality at reduced operating costs.

  • Consistent higher-strength welds provide high quality joints and potential for lightweighting
  • Less heat-induced distortion for superior product finish
  • Compared to RSW, no electrodes to replace and no tool downtime
  • Integrated clamping technology for simplified production line integration
  • Shorter cycle time reduces number of systems required and takes less production floor space

Multi-Axis Laser Workstation:

Versatile Laser System for Welding, Cutting, Drilling and Cleaning

  • High-speed, precise positioning increases part-yield, throughput and profit
  • Choice of continuous wave (CW), quasi-continuous wave (QCW) or pulsed lasers
  • Scanning head for cleaning applications compatible with ultrafast, green, and ultraviolet (UV) fiber lasers
  • 500 × 300 × 300 mm work volume to accommodate larger size parts
  • Lasers, beam delivery and workstation are designed, built and supported by IPG for direct service and support


Multi-Axis Standard Doors Open