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May 23-25

Stuttgart, Germany

Introducing: EV-Flex Battery Module Welding System

The EV Flex laser welding system is a standardized fully automated workstation for welding of busbars of battery cell modules and packs. The design of the gantry motion system enables easy integration for either manual or AGV part delivery, with additional options for either front or side conveyor or rotary table part loading. The machine can be used for process development, prototype, pre-production quantity welding as well for serial mass production.


In addition to optimized laser, beam delivery and IPG process programming, the available Real-time Weld depth Measurement option provides users 100% verification of weld quality by measuring penetration depth.

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Adjustible Mode Beam Lasers

Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) lasers offer the broadest range of beam profile tunability for superior welding quality at high speeds for applications including e-mobility and automotive. AMB virtually eliminates welding spatter which drastically reduces the time and expense of rework, maximizing uptime and overall quality.


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Real-Time Weld Monitoring

Welcome to the new paradigm in industrial laser welding quality assurance. Utilizing real-time inline coherent imaging (ICI) the LDD-700 weld monitoring system consolidates weld results into concise and actionable quality data from a single system.

LDD provides 20+ calibrated measurements of every weld, including:

  • Weld penetration depth
  • Lateral weld profiles
  • Joint position
  • Process stability
  • Surface quality and more


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E-Mobility Manufacturing and Battery Welding

  • Automated battery welding systems 
  • IPG fiber lasers matched with cutting, welding and scan heads enable:
    • Fast, reliable and clean cutting of ultra high-strength materials
    • Precision welding of seats, safety and motor components
    • High-speed body in white brazing that cleans and joins hot dipped galvanized steel in a single step with aesthetic finishes
  • Integrated inline real-time weld monitoring provides unmatched quality assurance and eliminates the need for destructive testing.

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The Battery Show Europe 2023

May 23 - 25 2023

Stuttgart, Germany

"The Battery Show Europe Expo provides attendees the chance to find solutions to their application needs, get a look at the latest technologies, and connect with their peers.

The Battery Show Europe 2022 Highlights:

  • 10, 579 Total Attendees
  • Over 99 Speakers
  • 694 Conference Delegates
The Battery Show is the leading meeting place for attendees to find solutions to their application needs, get a look at the latest technologies, and connect with their peers."

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