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MD&M Minneapolis 2023

October 10 - 11 2023

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN

"The Midwest's largest annual design and manufacturing event.
Our five-in-one design and manufacturing expo is built to give you a comprehensive view of the product lifecycle—from prototype to production. Come explore the latest insights and solutions spanning medtech, packaging, automation, plastics, and design." (via

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ILT Medical Systems

Fiber Laser Systems with Validated Software for Regulatory Compliance

ILT medical laser machining systems are designed for high-precision applications where software control, verification and process traceability are critical system requirements. Medical device manufacturing, aerospace and micromachining applications benefit from these highly precise systems.


Built on 3-axis (X-Y-Z) and rotation motion platforms, ILT medical laser systems can be configured with lasers specifically selected for the target application. Each system comes standard with HMI-2200 control software, which supports fully automated control of all system functions and has robust user account validation, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant time-stamped traceable data records and extensive factory MES integration options. Possessing a full suite of process controls as well as self-check functions, HMI-2200 software comes complete with an extensive library of processing modules and utilities that enable custom application flexibility.


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Beam Delivery

IPG Photonics provides the most comprehensive supply of fiber lasers, and with that, fiber laser solutions. Adding to the functionality of the lasers and making IPG a one-stop service and support for the entire process, IPG manufactures a complete set of optical beam delivery components including delivery fiber and optics, beam couplers, switches and sharers, processing heads, collimators, as well as process control and tooling solutions. Seamless integration of lasers with the optomechanical components and software ensures ultimate laser performace for your application. 

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IPG Photonics Beam Delivery

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