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EV-Cube Battery Module Welding System

Automated Cell to Busbar Welding System

Designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of battery module welding, EV-Cube is a fully-automated turnkey laser welding system. EV-Cube offers the speed and ease of deployment of a pre-built system with an array of configuration options for deep application optimization.

Fast, Configurable, & Automated

  • FAST LASER WELDING up to 14 cylindrical cells per second
  • HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE TURNKEY SYSTEM offers single vendor support with expert process development & integrated IPG custom-designed tooling
  • AUTOMATED battery module welding with fully-integrated control software and single user interface for simple operation

Download EV-Cube Datasheet 


EV-Cube battery module welding systems accelerate deployment time and require no laser welding experience.

System Options for Increased Productivity

  • Largest selection of system components best suited to match application
    • Lasers including CW, QCW, Pulsed, and AMB dual-beam (Single-Mode or Multi-Mode)
    • High-power welding heads including fixed beam, scanning beam, and wobble welding
  • Custom-designed part tooling includes busbar clamping for maximum yield and throughput
  • Vision alignment increases positional accuracy, improving weld performance and simplifying part handling requirements
  • Real-time weld measurement directly measures every weld as its made to protect against catastrophic part failure and recalls 
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Real-Time Weld Measurement for Optimal Battery Module Production

  • Optional real-time direct weld measurement enables 100% weld inspection
  • Non-destructive verification of penetration depth into cell casing avoids catastrophic part failures and recalls 
  • Non-conforming parts can be re-welded to reduce scrap
  • Average penetration measurement can be tracked and monitored for process drift
  • Enables predictive preventative maintenance
  • Test data is recorded and available for later quality analysis

Platform Configurations Available for Typical Battery Cell Applications

  • System components configurable for busbar welding of cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cells
  • Easily welds copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, and nickel-plated copper
  • Accomodates modules up to 1100 x 1100 x 600 mm and weighing up to 450 kg
  • Part loading options
    • Manual part load or conveyor pass-through
    • Automated entry and exit doors

Granite Base for High-Stability Busbar Welding

  • Provides vibration dampening and structure stiffness
  • Large thermal mass and low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Naturally stress-relieved structure

Linear Motors for High Accuracy & Reliability

  • Increases positioning accuracy and speed
  • Eliminates common wear issues and increases uptime
    • No gearbox to convert rotational to straight-line motion
    • No wear or degradation over time 

Accelerated Busbar Welding Process Development & Prototyping

  • Easily implemented as a turnkey system
    • Compact system with small footprint saves floorspace
    • Accommodates all standard battery module sizes
  • Easily integrated into larger manufacturing lines
    • Standard part conveyor and MES interfaces
    • High-throughput conveyor in-feed and out-feed options
  • System architecture accommodates rapidly evolving battery design and material selections