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Battery Module Welding Line

Cylindrical Cell Module Welding System

The Battery Module Welding Line performs high-speed welding of bubars to cylindrical cells in the manufacture of battery modules.  The large working volume is compatible with all current module sizes, and with the optional module flip station, the line is suitable for both top-side only and 2-sided cell welding.   The Real Time Weld Measurement option allows 100% QA verification of welding depth for the avoidance of can punch-through.


With conveyor-fed part loading, the system is capable of both pre-production technology development and small/medium quantity production welding. The optional electrical test station and automated re-work routing enables production of modules with 100% functional welds.

Cylindrical Cell Module Welding

  • Palletized part loading for compatibility with multiple module formats
  • High-speed busbar welding using IPG optimized EV process and lasers
  • Optional Real-time weld penetration depth measurement
  • Optional post-weld electrical test station for 100% QA verification
  • Part ID scanning and test data archiving
  • Optional weld rework loop to maximize process yield
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Fiber laser STABILITY is the foundation of a highly CAPABLE welding process and 100% good weld yeild

IPG’s Laser Welding Technology

IPG welding process development and selection of laser and processing head to optimize the specific application

  • High-reliability, zero maintenance laser technology gives maximum tool availability
  • IPG Proprietary single-mode AMB lasers for high-speed, low spatter copper and aluminum welding
  • IPG’s legendary laser power stability for repeatable welding processing
  • Matched laser, beam delivery and scanning head
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Granite Base and Linear Motors for Accuracy and Reliability

The laser welding station in the Production Line uses a natural granite base for stability and high-precision laser processing:

  • Reference surfaces are precision ground to high tolerances
  • Provides vibration dampening and structure stiffness
  • Large thermal mass and low coefficient of thermal expansion minimize process variations

Linear motors increase positioning accuracy and speed as well as eliminating common wear issues and increasing uptime:

  • No gearbox to convert rotational to straight-line motion
  • No physical contact within the motor, so no wear or degradation over time
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Real-time Weld Depth Measurement (Option)

Confirm weld profile and absence of punch-through

  • Verification of part alignment and fit before processing
  • Real-time weld penetration depth and surface profile measurements and verification against preset limits
  • Fully integrated parameter feedback and conditional logic for onward part processing or disposition
  • For critical parts, verify process compliance and prevent further investment in non-conforming parts with 100% part measurement

Digital Weld Test  Station (Option)

A highly accurate measurement that provides quick, precise, accurate and reliable means for nondestructive evaluation of laser weld quality

  • 4-point measurement of weld electrical resistance
    • Resistance a critical parameter for module performance
    • Weld strength inversely proportional to voltage drop
  • Bed-of-nails connection to 16 welds for fast measurement. Iteratively positioned to measure all cells in the module
  • Option includes vision system, test station conveyance and 3-axis motion system
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Module Flip Station (Option)

Automated part handling station to take the battery module from the handling pallet, rotate 180 degrees to present the opposite side for welding, then replace into the carrier

  • Sub-system mechanical assembly including pneumatic positioners, rotary axes, part grippers and pneumatics I/O module
  • Part bar code reader, integrated control module and communications with line core controller
  • Safety fencing and interlocks
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