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Battery Assembly & Manufacturing Line

Custom Designed Automated Part Handling and Laser Processing

The Battery Assembly and Manufacturing Line is an example of  a fully automated and interconnected set of material handling and processing sub-systems that produces functional, tested battery modules from component parts.  With the flexibility to adapt equipment placement to suit available factory space, the manufacturing line maximizes productivity by streamlining part flow and coordination of operations.

Automated Module Manufacturing

  • Process stations for cell test and load, carrier adhesive bond, busbar welding and electrical test
  • Fully automated part flow within and between process modules
  • Part loading stations configurable for manual loading or interfaced to customer material handling
  • Welding process developed by IPG, other process steps per customer specification
  • Process stations designed to be capacity balanced to maximize manufacturing line utilization and productivity
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Designed to reduce repetitive part handling and configurable to fit the available space, the custom designed line will maximize productivity and minimize start-up time

IPG’s Laser Processing Technology

At the heart of these production line elements is a laser-based materials processing solution that provides the core manufacturing capability.


As leaders in laser materials processing, IPG is uniquely able to support the design, installation and ongoing support of your manufacturing solution

  • Guidance from IPG’s e-mobility processing experts on selection of the core laser technology and processing heads.
  • Equipment design, part-tooling and process development services from a single company experienced in all three disciplines
  • Support for concept-proving samples and engineering advice on optimum design of parts for laser processing
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Automated Solutions Center Accelerates Line Deployment

From virtual proof of concept, design and process through specialized tooling, real-time machine intelligence, and connected manufacturing communications, IPG has the tools to ensure that this automation system delivers all that you want it to.


Initial simulation and offline programming information is used to finalize the design and programming of your workcells while the system is being built. Calibration tools ensure that the Offline Programming is as close as possible to your real-world needs so your automated welding system can be rapidly deployed.

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Wide Scope of Laser Processing Operations

Laser processing is more than just a high-speed metal cutting process. Today’s production capabilities also include:

  • Welding of materials with thickness from fractions of millimeters up to several centimeters
  • Joining of metals that are dissimilar, reflective, or coated with alloys (e.g. copper, aluminum, Ni-coated copper, titanium)
  • Cleaning of parts and removal of coatings – without using harsh chemicals and abrasives
  • Marking, engraving and milling of features into metals, polymers and ceramics
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Virtual Solutions Center

Proof of Concept, Design and Process

Simulation and engineering services available to IPG’s Manufacturing Line customers help to ensure a smooth installation and rapid commissioning:

  • 3D Simulation and Offline programming
  • Robotic reach studies
  • Part Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly (DFM/DFA)
  • Part flow, Workcell and Workflow layout
  • Variation Simulation Analysis

As designs, parts and processes continue to evolve, it is important to have a partner that can asses the impact of changes through simulations, rather than testing on the shop floor.