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IPG Photonics Launches LightWELD 1500 XC: Combined Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning System

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IPG adds unique laser cleaning capabilities to the LightWELD handheld welder to provide fabricators better weld quality and simplified part finishing.
OXFORD, Mass., September 13, 2021 - IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IPGP), the world leader fiber laser technology, today at FABTECH in Chicago, IL announced the launch of LightWELD 1500 XC, an advanced handheld laser welder with new capabilities for pre-and post-weld cleaning functions. LightWELD 1500 XC enables fabricators to immediately realize time and cost saving benefits as compared with traditional pre- and post-weld cleaning methods.

LightWELD XC expands the capabilities and ease of use for the LightWELD system without any increase in size or weight. LightWELD XC users can simply dial in new cleaning modes to achieve superior results faster and safer than with customary abrasives or chemicals. 
Preset modes for weld pre-cleaning can remove grease, oils, rust, and excessive oxide coatings to reduce the potential for void formation while achieving increased weld consistency and repeatability.  For post-weld processing, optimized cleaning modes quickly remove soot, weld related debris and heat-induced discoloration resulting in high-quality welded parts with exceptional visual appearance.
LightWELDXC-cleaning.png Laser Cleaning Rust before Welding with LightWELD 1500 XC

Switching between LightWELD XC welding and cleaning functions simply requires exchanging the gun nozzle and selecting a process mode from the front panel which enables high frequency pulsed laser power for cleaning operations.  Preset cleaning modes can be easily modified and saved for future use in the same manner as the welding modes.
Post-Weld Laser Cleaning with LightWELD 1500 XC

 “Our ability to combine proven laser welding and cleaning benefits into the LightWELD XC form factor is another example of revolutionary fiber laser innovation that IPG is known for,” said Trevor Ness, SVP Worldwide Sales. “Integrating these functions in a single handheld unit addresses the key fabricating business needs of increasing productivity, achieving improved and consistent quality, and reducing the amount of rework and cost of consumables and materials disposal”.
LightWELD 1500 XC is now available direct from IPG and major gas and welding supply distributors.  For more information and to see the product in action visit: