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Laser Seam Steppers

The Fiber Laser Alternative to Resistance Spot Welding

The Laser Seam Stepper is a laser alternative to resistance spot welding, a technique commonly used in the automotive, transportation or large domestic appliance industries. Compared to spot welding, the Laser Seam Stepper provides higher speed and higher strength welds, resulting in increased productivity and offering the potential for lightweight part design. A six-axis robot provides integrated clamping and single side access alternatives.

laser seam stepper - the fiber laser alternative to resistance spot welding

Laser Seam Stepper


The Laser Seam Stepper is available in two configurations: C-Gun and Picker. The C-Gun integrates a programmable clamping unit within the weld head. The Picker is designed for welding large parts when access is only possible from one side. The Laser Seam Stepper provides a programmable wobble weld up to 40 mm in length.

Both Laser Seam Stepper systems include a controller cart - a single cabinet comprising the digital electronics and HMI display, the laser source and integrated chiller.

  • Laser Power: 1000 to 3500 W
  • Max Weld Length: 40 mm
  • G-Gun Max Clamping Force: 0.8 kN - 3 kN
  • Picker Max Clamping Force: 0.3 - 1 kN